We support “Toys for Tubs”

To start our blog we want to raise awareness for the “Toys for Tubs” appeal.

Ryan Tubridy started this a few weeks ago while talking to one of his callers who told him about the difficulties attached when you become a victim of the recession.

Some families won’t be able to celebrate a christmas as they were used to in the past. There are a lot of families who will seriously struggle to buy christmas presents for their children.

Taking the approach that charity starts at your own doorsteps we decided to hold an Open Coffee Morning on 3rd December 2010 from 10am-1pm.

Everybody is invited to join us for some coffee, tea, scones and biscuits.

If you are interested please ring us on 086-4045520 for details or drop us a line. All proceeds will be given to St Vincent de Paul. SVP asked only for new present. For more information please have a look at the RTE website.

We look forward to seeing you next week