Dangerous cyclists

Our morning started like every other day – chaotic. However once we got the children sorted we left the house and my wife walked our 4 children to school.

This is routine for us and a brilliant way to have a chat with the kids. They know the route inside out and know where we cross the road. Even our 3 year old son knows to stop at the traffic lights.

The same happened this morning. The kids waited patiently for the green man to appear. Once he showed up my eldest son stepped on the road when a manic cyclist nearly knocked him down.

My wife was absolutely horrified as this long haired late teen-early twenty year old idiot missed our son literally by an inch. She saw him coming at high speed without making even the slightest attempt to slow down. As you can imagine she tried to have a word with him. As a reply she was shown the middle finger.

Our son was shocked and thought it was his fault. This brainless maniac not only put my child’s health at risk but also his own. He didn’t wear a helmet (surprise surprise). If he would have even only slightly touched a person or car he would have lost his balance and would have been sent flying on the road.

Some cyclists just don’t understand that they don’t have any protection – besides a helmet – if they come off their bike. If you don’t wear at least a helmet your chances of suffering serious head injuries are very high.

As a cyclist, you can reduce your risk of death or injury by following some simple advice provided by the Road Safety Authority:

  • Never cycle in the dark without adequate lighting – white for front, red for rear
  • Always wear luminous clothing such as hi-vis vests, fluorscent armbands and reflective belts so that other road users can see you
  • Wear a helmet
  • Follow the rules of the road, never run traffic lights or weave unpredictably in and out of traffic
  • Maintain your bike properly – in particular, your brakes should work properly and your tyres should be inflated to the right pressure and be in good condition
  • Respect other road users – don’t get into shouting matches with motorists; stop at pedestrian crossings; don’t cycle on the footpath
  • Watch your speed, especially when cycling on busy streets and going downhill
  • Steer well clear of left-turning trucks: let them turn before you move ahead

While I had looked for statistics on cycling accidents I came across this site. It gives the danger of cycling in Ireland a very chilling face.

So please be careful when on your bike and never ever cycle without a helmet! Speed kills – that applies to cyclists too.

Are you on for a good laugh?

A few weeks ago I was in town attending a training seminar. Afterwards we all went to McDaids just off Grafton Street for a night cap.

I got chating to a colleague of mine, Noelle Driver. After the usual banter the conversation became more serious. She told me that for many years she supports different charity events and that she would love to do some fundraising.

I have to admit that I was seriously impressed with how much passion and enthusiasm she spoke about it. This is somebody who devotes a lot of her spare time trying to make a difference to other peoples lives, in Ireland and abroad.

Her latest project is “Hilarity for Charity” – a comedy night out in the D¦two night club. She is organising this event together with her friend Michelle McSweeney.

The proceeds from this evening will go to Barnardo’s and the ISPCC. They chose these charities for personal reasons in the knowledge that there are so many children in Ireland in need of help and support. Without the help of these voluntary organisations many children would have no future.

As parents of 4 young children and a First Aid training business specialised in Paediatric First Aid we proudly support Michelle and Noelle.

Please make a note in your diary:

Date: 7th October 2011 19:00 – 23:30

Venue: D¦two Night Club, 60 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Cost: €20 which includes entry to the night club after the comedy night

Who will be there: The line up  of comedians include Eric Lalor, Enda Whitney, Ghost Train Willy, Gearoid Farrelly and Matt Sadlerrelly and Matt Sadler. There will be plenty of prizes given away in a big raffle.

This event will shortly be advertised on the websites of Barnardo’s and the ISPCC. In the meantime please visit their Facebook page “Hilarity for Charity”.

We would like to ask you to invite all your friends and family. It’s going to be a great night out and you will support two charities that look after children in Ireland who need all the help that they can get.