Win Essential First Aid Items worth €75

Be prepared this Christmas to handle all the small and big accidents you may encounter.

First Aid For Everyone gives you the chance to win a great selection of essential First Aid products worth €75.

Our “First Aid hamper” contains a large family size First Aid kit which every household should have. It contains all the important ingredients from plasters and bandages to eye irrigation and CPR mouth shields. There is also a small brochure with essential First Aid treatments included.

You will also get the following:

  • a travel size First Aid kit, ideal for car and your suitcase.
  • an audio CD which teaches you First Aid. Perfect for listening in the car on your way to work.
  • an instant ice pack a burns dressing and burn gel.
  • triangular bandages
  • a foil blanket to treat hypothermia.

In order to learn how and when to use all these items we will provide a Paediatric First Aid book as well as a child safety DVD which contains plenty of tips for parents.

To be in with a chance to win please register on by the 7th December.

If you are interested in booking a place on one of our public Paediatric First Aid courses in Dublin or if you want to organise a First Aid for Mums & Dads course in your own home please contact us.


A Christmas present from First Aid For Everyone

It is less than 5 weeks till Christmas. The car parks in shopping centers are already packed. The conversation of more and more people becomes focused on the all important question “Do you know what you will give for Christmas?”

Are you one of these people?

Are your friends and family already sorted with hats, scarfs, socks and ties?

Why don’t you buy them a Gift Voucher from First Aid For Everyone? A voucher for one of our 1 day First Aid courses in Dublin will give one of your loved ones the opportunity to learn potentially life saving skills. In an emergency these skills can make the difference between life and death.


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Head injury – a real life story

It happened last Sunday at an Irish Dancing Feis on the North side of Dublin. My wife was there with our two daughters. During a short break Siobhan went to get herself a coffee. On her way to the little coffee shop she saw a little girl getting sick.

She didn’t think much about it as this is not uncommon. However this changed quickly when she overheard the mother talking to a bystander. She mentioned that the girl fell about an hour ago and hit her head.

Siobhan offered her help. Once the mother found out that Siobhan is a First Aider and a nurse she was relieved and handed over.

It turned out that the little girl aged 3 stood in her buggy, lost balance and fell head first on the pavement. After the usual crying the child got sleepy and dozed off. Again there was nothing unusual about that as it was her regular nap time.

However when she woke up she complained of headaches. Minutes later she vomited. That was the point when Siobhan got involved.

The child was very agitated at this stage. She was brought into a small room away from the gathering crowd. Siobhan managed to calm the child down by lying her on a make shift bed and got her mother to lie behind her. That way she was always in control and was able to observe her closely.

Soon after the child calmed down another woman made herself known and offered her help. As it turned out she was a nurse in an intensive care unit in a Dublin hospital.

It didn’t take long before the two of them got worried. The little girl seemed to get drowsy and it became more and more difficult to wake her up. A decision was made to call an ambulance. It arrived within minutes. The paramedics took over. At this stage the child did barely react to a hard pinch at her arm. She was transferred to a large Dublin hospital from where the mother rang that evening. She told Siobhan that her daughter was kept as an inpatient for observation and potentially further investigation.

What can you learn from this real life story?

  • Never underestimate a head injury!
  • You don’t necessarily see the impact straight away! It can take several hours before a casualty shows symptoms.
  • If the person involved starts vomiting after a head injury seek medical advice! It is a cardinal sign for a concussion (severe shaking of the brain)
  • Watch out for any unusual signs up to 48 hours after the event. Should the casualty start vomiting within that time keep the head injury in the back of your mind.
  • Check for bloody or clear fluid coming from the nose or ears – don’t hesitate and call an ambulance
  • If the victim becomes drowsy or even unconscious call an ambulance. If that happens stay with the victim as they can vomit at any stage and aspirate. Life threatening!
  • If necessary put the casualty into the recovery position.

For more detailed information please read our First Aid tip for head injuries.

We wish the little girl and her mum all the best and hope that they will both recover from the shock.

(P.S. The picture is not the child we are talking about. It’s a little boy who came off his bicycle. The bump on the head – would you use an ice pack? Why or why not?)

We would love to hear your opinion.

Attend one of our 1 day First Aid courses in Dublin to learn how to deal with head injuries and many other medical emergencies.