Toddler suffers severe internal injuries after drinking oven cleaner

Keep cleaning products away from children

We came across an article in the Irish Independent on 31st August 2012 about a toddler in the UK who is in a serious condition in hospital after drinking oven cleaner.

This is just another sad  reminder how quickly accidents with small children can happen.

Callum Blackshaw, a 2 year old boy from Orsett, Essex managed to climb onto the kitchen table where his granny left a bottle of oven cleaner which she bought for her daughter. He managed to open the child lock of the product and drank several mouthful.

He is now in Great Ormond Street Hospital where he is being treated for severe internal injuries. Doctors say that he may need an oesophagus transplant in the future as a result of his injuries.

If you have small children or look after toddlers please take your time and look at your home from a child safety point of view:

  • Keep anything that may be poisonous (all medicines and pills, household cleaners and garden products) out of reach, preferably in a locked cupboard.
  • Use containers that have child-resistant tops. But be aware that by the age of three, many children are able to open child-resistant tops.
  • Keep all dangerous chemicals in their original containers. For example, do not store weedkiller in an old drinks bottle as a young child may mistake it for something safe to drink.
  • Dispose of unwanted medicines and chemicals carefully.

For more information on how to “child proof” your home please visit our First Aid tip “Safety in the home”.

Please also take some time to visit the website of the Irish National Poisons Information Centre. You will find valuable information about poisons, prevention as well as treatment.

If you want to find out how to deal with poison accidents and the appropriate First Aid measures we encourage you to take part in one of our First Aid courses. We run regular First Aid courses in Dublin where poisoning is just one topic of many accidents that can happen and where First Aid skills are required.