Christmas Tree Festival at Crinken Church, Shankill

On the first weekend in December 2015 our local church St James Church, Crinken,  held a Christmas Tree festival. As this is our parish church we decided to participate in the planning and organising of this event.

Christmas tree festival at Crinken Church

More than 40 trees were decorated by local schools, community groups, & businesses. From 6 foot natural fir trees, to sculpted ones made from books, tyres and other materials, each told, with a Bible Verse, a part of the Christmas story. The trees included the Shepherd’s Tree, the Journey Tree, the Good News Tree, & the Angel’s Tree.  It was a new way of retelling the Christmas Story in a unique & wonderful way that concluded the church’s 175th anniversary.

tree guitars tree aisle

We as First Aid For Everyone contributed by making up  our own tree which represented the hands that delivered baby Jesus. It was a joint effort that involved our children and a lot of fun.

Christmas tree by First Aid For Everyone

We offered our service for the 3 days to provide First Aid cover. As the festival started at 10am on Friday and didn’t finished till Sunday at 8pm we were very grateful for the help we received from volunteers from the Order of Malta as well as students from Loreto College Foxrock who received their First Aid training by us.

It was a truly amazing and magical experience for children as well as adults. Our church hoped for a few hundred visitors. Everybody involved in organising the event was blown away by the attendance. The final head count was over 5.000.

All the money raised will be go to fund the church’s “Storehouse”, which supplies people in need in the local community with food throughout the year.

We are very proud that we were part of this experience. Rumour has it that other churches in Dublin will “borrow” our church’s idea next year.

A dishwasher tablet nearly killed that little girl

The Irish Independent reported on the story of 17 month old toddler Jenny Maher on 1oth November 2015. Jenny got seriously ill after after she bit into a dishwasher tablet.

dishwasher tablet victim Jenny Maher

“These dishwasher tablets are individually wrapped and look like sweets to children,” said dad Colin.

Jenny was transferred to a Dublin hospital where she was put into intensive care and remained there for a week.
“The doctors told us they see between 100 and 200 cases of this every year,” Colin said.

This is a serious reminder to ensure that all your household cleaning products and chemicals should always be kept out of reach of children.

Aufpassen: Baby will mit Putzmittel spielen


Jenny is just one of a number of children in Ireland who have fallen prey to the dangers of liquitabs. In 2014, the National Poison Information Centre (NPIC) received 168 calls in relation to liquitabs; 127 of these for children under three. There were 100 complaints with symptoms, which ranged from mild to moderate. About 90pc of the cases arose from exposure following swallowing, with the remaining 10pc involving contact with the eye.

What to do?

If liquid is swallowed, rinse as much of the detergent as possible from the child’s mouth.

Do not induce vomiting.

If eyes or hands are exposed, rinse them carefully.

If it goes into the eye, wash out for 10 to 15 minutes and go to hospital.

Call a doctor, NPIC on 01-809 2166 or go to your nearest A&E.

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Alternatively go to

For some more information on safety in your home and some First Aid advice please visit our First Aid tips.