I attended the First aid for everyone Paediatric course in Bewleys Hotel on Saturday the 12th May 2012 . The course was very informative and very interesting in the delivery.

Siobhan made everyone feel at ease and there was excellent interaction. It was a revision course for a lot of the group but it was the best by far on information, delivery, visual information and equipment.

Thanks Siobhan for giving us a little more confidence should we ever be in a position to administer first aid.  Hopefully that will not occur.
I would recommend the course to anyone thinking of taking a first aid course and would certainly return in the future. Thanks again Siobhan for an excellent day.

Brigid McCarth, attended a 1 day Paediatric First Aid Course

Just want to thank you very much for the first aid course, Paediatric First Aid, last Sat 11 Jan 2014.

The course was a refresher for me but you covered a wide range of first aid incidents that happen in every day life.

It was a very practical and valuable course for everyone. I will be more confident now if I ever have to use my first aid!

Your website is excellent.

Kind Regards,

 Christine Serviss, Owner Dun Laoghaire Montessori School – January 2014

Thank you so much for a great course, you will see from the testimonial we had a scare and it was priceless to us.

We were out for lunch when Evan started choking, no sound, silent and going purple. Every second felt like an hour.

I remember what you said about getting him out of the high chair fast, we actually broke the restaurant chair to get him out. Head below the heart, hitting his back they way you showed us. It looked like he was losing consciousness or going to sleep on us (scariest sight I’ve ever seen) but we finally got the piece of food out.

Darren (his Daddy) was so shaken afterward he couldnt walk he had to stay sitting at the restaurant table for awhile.
We are all very very grateful for the training.

Kind regards,

Angeline Traynor attended a 1 day Paediatric First Aid Course