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Our 1 Day Paediatric First Aid Courses, held in person, in Dublin are suitable for parents, grandparents, babysitters and creche workers and including anyone else who is interested in learning or refreshing life saving skills.


What can you expect on the day?

It covers all major paediatric incidents and illnesses in particular CPR and in addition how to deal with choking. As a result of customer feedback we also included some major adult emergencies like heart attack and stroke.

A point often overlooked is that the best way of learning First Aid is “hands on”. With this in mind we developed a unique style of teaching. Our concept is based on practicing as well as role play. Most importantly there is lots of interaction between the instructor and students as well as plenty of humour.

During the Paediatric First Aid Courses you will not only practise CPR on brand new manikins; but also learn the Heimlich Maneuver on our Anti choking vests. In fact these are all component that we teach in our Heartsaver CPR & AED course.

By all means they provide the most realistic way to learn the correct technique on how to relief a foreign object.


What qualification will you achieve?

It is important to realise that coupled with the textbook knowledge and the practical exercises you will also gain significantly confidence. With this in mind you will be able to successfully manage any first aid situation. Given these points you will be equipped with everything you need in order to deal with any emergency that life might throw at you.

Finally each participant will receive a certificate of attendance valid for 2 years. It is important to realise that in fact many work places including creches and Montessori schools will require staff who hold a valid First Aid certificate. In any event we strongly suggest that all childcare workers should attend a Paediatric First Aid Courses Dublin.

In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint, First Aid For Everyone will only send in-house certificates via electronic format. Printed certificates are available on request. All H.S.A. and PHECC accredited certificates will still be posted.

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