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Schools First Aid Course

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Cancellation policy:

We aim to keep our training fees low so that we can offer a cost-effective training solution to community organisations, businesses and individuals. In order to be able to do this, we are regrettably forced to charge for cancelled bookings.


At any stage, we are happy to change the participant where someone cannot attend but where an alternative person can attend in their place. We will not charge for this name change which you can do up to the commencement day of the course.


– made 5 working days or more before the course commencement date – you will be entitled to a full refund/credit
– between 5 and 1 day notice – we will charge a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the course cost.
– less than 1 days before a course or a “no show” on the commencement day of a course – we will charge a 100% cancellation fee.

All cancellations must be confirmed via email to Any notice of cancellation will only be effective once it has been acknowledged by First Aid For Everyone

Schools First Aid Courses

Accidents happen. This is a well-known fact. However it is how you deal with them that makes the difference. Children love to play and explore their boundaries. In fact it is often at break time or during sports activities when pupils get hurt. With this in mind we offer comprehensive training for Schools First Aid Course Dublin.

Course Overview

Choking · Recovery position · CPR and introduction to the use of an AED · Fractures, sprains and strains · Asthma · Allergic reactions incl anaphylactic shock · Epilepsy · Diabetes to name just a few

Schools have the option of dividing the 1 day course into 2 half days – at no extra cost (in the Dublin area). We will come to your school at a time that suits you and your staff members.

Our tailor made Schools First Aid Course, Dublin training includes:

  • 1 day Paediatric First Aid courses
  • 2 hour Introduction to First Aid as part of your “Croke Park hours”
  • First Aid Classes in Dublin for 5th and 6th class pupils

In the event that you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions then it’s time to contact us:

  • Does your school have a First Aid policy in place?
  • How many of your staff members are trained to deliver First Aid if needed?
  • When did they attend their last refresher course?
  • Do you have a “safety squad” of 6th class pupils in your school?
  • If so have they received training in how to deal with cuts and bruises or even an epileptic seizure?

First thing to remember is that guidelines in relation to the First Aid training by the Department of Education are very vague. It is important to realise that it is up to each school to make provisions that an adequate amount of staff members are trained. For this reason we support schools to train as many teachers, special needs assistants (SNA), parents and pupils. With this in mind we developed Schools First Aid Course – First Aid Courses Dublin that suit different target groups.

Our 1 day Paediatric First Aid course in Dublin in fact has been tailor made to teach vital skills to staff members to be able to deal with all accidents and emergencies in a school setting.

2 Hour First Aid Courses for Teachers

In addition to the full day training we provide shorter courses which are very popular as part of the “Croke Park hours”. Many schools use our shorter training courses to educate staff members in vital First Aid skills. We also offer short First Aid classes in Dublin for 5th and 6th class pupils. The course will give the pupil the confidence to react appropriately at the scene of an accident and teaches them how to activate the Emergency services. In many countries in mainland Europe First Aid courses are part of the curriculum. We feel that each child should have the opportunity to learn the very basic First Aid skills. The same applies to the teaching and support staff.

In case you have more questions please contact us for more information. Alternatively follow us on Instagram for valuable tips and the updates.

For more information call one of our training experts

01 282 5766 or 086 404 5520