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First Aid Response Course

Public 2 day First Aid Response (FAR) course
Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross

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Please read cancellation policy on website:

Cancellation policy:

We aim to keep our training fees low so that we can offer a cost-effective training solution to community organisations, businesses and individuals. In order to be able to do this, we are regrettably forced to charge for cancelled bookings.


At any stage, we are happy to change the participant where someone cannot attend but where an alternative person can attend in their place. We will not charge for this name change which can be done up to the commencement day of the course.


– made 5 working days or more before the course commencement date – you will be entitled to a full refund/credit
– between 5 and 1 day notice – we will charge a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the course cost.
– less than 1 days before a course or a “no show” on the commencement day of a course – we will charge a 100% cancellation fee.

All cancellations must be confirmed via email to Any notice of cancellation will only be effective once it has been acknowledged by First Aid For Everyone

First Aid Response Training

Who needs the First Aid Response (FAR) Course?

Firstly there is a requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 to have a sufficient number of First Aid Responders trained and deployed in the workplace.

Secondly employers specifically have a duty to provide first-aid materials/equipment at all places of work where working conditions require it.

You will find more information under the guidelines of the H.S.A. (Health and Safety Authority).

What in particular can you expect to learn on the First Aid Response Training?  

  • First of all you will realise the important responsibilities of the first aider.
  • You will also be able to provide treatment for the purpose of preserving life or minimising the consequences of injury until discharge or the arrival of medical assistance.
  • At the end of the course you will be capable of coordinating first aid arrangements in the workplace.
  • Furthermore you will learn about health and safety legislation on first aid provision in the workplace.

How long is a First Aid Response (FAR) course?

We will deliver the full course over 3 days with a 2 hour assessment/exam at the end. You can split this course over a number of weeks if you decide to get it delivered in house. Alternatively you can attend one of our public courses. We provide our public First Aid Course in Dublin at the Maldron Hotel near the Naas Road.

What type of a certificate does a first aider receive and how long is it valid for?

From 1st June 2018, you must only complete a 3 day FAR or 2 day refresher course in order to be recognised by the HSA as a First Aid Responder. This course replaced the old Occupational First Aid course. The First Aid Responder (FAR) Training Course is Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC)  approved.

Two years after you completed the 3 day course you can choose to extend the validity of your cert. In order to do that you can participate in a 2 day First Aid Response refresher course.

You have to make sure that your certificate is not more than three months expired (this applies to old OFA qualifications). If your certificate is more than three months out of date you must complete the 3 day First Aid Response (FAR) course.

Learn life saving skills at your own premises and be H.S.A. compliant

You choose what date and time suits you. After that we will come to you to deliver the course that you have chosen. For our set fee you can invite up 8 participants depending on the space available.

In case you have more questions please contact us for more information. Alternatively follow us on Instagram for valuable tips and the updates.

For more information call one of our training experts

01 282 5766 or 086 404 5520